About Kerezman Tax & Accounting Solutions

Kerezman Tax & Accounting Solutions is a strong financial partner for businesses in the cannabis industry. We offer proven accounting solutions to keep your finances in compliance with government regulations and strategies to minimize taxes and tax problems. We work with a wide variety of marijuana businesses including growers, dispensaries, and CBD retailers.

Our accounting firm will become the trusted advisor you turn to for sound financial advice. We'll show you how to improve workflow, manage risk, and optimize profits. We'll also help you establish financial controls, manage inventory, and keep your books audit-ready.

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Terri Kerezman

Terri Kerezman is not your typical CPA, and we hope you won’t be disappointed to discover there is no pocket protector anywhere in her building! As examples of how she works with clients, Terri has helped reduce thousands of dollars in penalties and interest for several clients, reduced an estate tax liability by thousands of dollars, and restored peace of mind to clients who have fallen years behind in their tax filings by getting them caught up. Although she can’t guarantee any specific results for future clients, Terri works diligently to find the best outcome she can on her clients’ tax issues.

Throughout her career, she attempted to find a niche, such as estates/trusts, IRAs, and then tax resolution, but not until she was introduced to cannabis accounting did she get excited about accounting all over again! Terri has been specially trained on many of the major cannabis tax court cases regarding 280E and IRC 471 and understands what’s required of you as a cannabis-related business owner to stay compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, she can help you optimize your cannabis bookkeeping in order to maximize your profits. And, Terri can provide valuable insights into your business finances, which can help you make informed decisions about your business. Ultimately, you can save time, money and headaches down the road. Terri can even represent you if you are ever audited. Her mission is to help cannabis business owners sleep at night knowing they are audit ready.

When Terri is not working, she enjoys riding her own Harley along with her husband, spending time with her family that includes 3 beautiful grandchildren, and loving on her rescue dog, Taylor.