I Need Advice On . . .

IF you could wake up tomorrow morning and know every decision you made from that point forward was the right decision, do you suppose you’d want to put yourself in that position?  Well… OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

IF you had a question or concern AND you could call an expert in that area AND that expert could tell you what would happen if you did this OR what would happen if you did that, is it fair to say that conversation would help you make a good (or better) decision?

Have you ever wasted valuable time or lost sleep googling answers to any of the following topics?

■ Landlord/Tenant Disputes.  Crooked landlord. Hazardous home conditions. Tenant eviction issues.  Lease Agreements.

■ Consumer Finance.  Tax disputes and IRS audits.  Collection agency harassment and billing disputes.  Vehicle financing issues and pay day loans.  Collect monies owed to you.

■  Traffic.  Moving traffic or parking citations, driving record, driver’s license suspension.  Car accidents, personal injury and damages.

■ Estate Planning.  Preparation of Last Will & Testament, Living Will, POA and related documents.  Simple Trust, Special Needs Trust, Guardianship/Conservatorship.

■  Real Estate.  Real estate closing, construction, oil and gas, zoning permits.

■  Employment.  Wrongful termination.  Mistreated at work.

■ Family Law.  Divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, grandparent’s rights, paternity, alienation of affection, adoption, name change.

■  Civil Litigation.  What happens if I get sued?

■  Criminal Charges.  Can I afford a good attorney?

IF I told you that you could call an expert and say, “I need advice on (any of the above topics)…” and (s)he would call you back within 8 business hours, would you worry less?

IF I told you that you could call as many times as you wanted and not receive a bill, would you worry less?

IF I told you that we are a 45 year-old company that serves over 1.6 MILLION members throughout the 50 states and 4 provinces, would you worry less?

To obtain more information or to sign up for a monthly membership (that costs less than 60 cents a day!), please contact me at terri@kerezmancpa.com or call my office phone (574) 291.9367 to schedule a 15-minute presentation. I am confident once you understand the power of our services, you will wonder how you lived this long without it.

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