3 AWESOME Reasons to Execute Your Will TODAY

A Will is an official written expression of your wishes concerning many things to be carried out following your death.  With a properly executed Will, YOU name the Executor and his/her duties, YOU decide who takes care of your children, and YOU select those who are to receive your assets.  If you die WITHOUT a Will, the STATE makes these decisions for you.last-will-gift

Leaving a Last Will & Testament for your family is one of the BEST GIFTS you can give them. If you have always intended to, but not yet completed your Last Will & Testament, then I have a GIFT for YOU!

  1. A Will allows you to pick your Executor. Without a Will, the State will assign someone to take care of your children, your possessions, and your business.  This person will most likely request a fee, leaving less to distribute to your family.
  2. A Will allows a parent to transfer guardianship of minors to trusted friends or loved ones.  Without a Will, the State could place your minor children in temporary foster care.
  3. A Will allows you to spell out who gets your stuff.  Without a Will, the State determines who gets your stuff.

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