2 Driving Records?

Did you know that professional truck drivers have TWO driving records? One is their Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), like we all have.  In addition, they have a second record called CSA (Compliance, Safety & Accountability).  Their MVR affects their license to drive a truck.  Their CSA score affects their insurability. cdlp-target

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: When a professional truck driver is convicted of too many traffic violations, his license to drive will be suspended.  He CANNOT provide for his family! When a professional truck driver gets too many CSA points, his company cannot afford to insure him.  They cannot give him an uninsured load to deliver.  Again, he CANNOT provide for his family!

With one of our specialty legal plans, many of the driver’s tickets will NOT appear on his MVR! THEN, our transportation law firm can provide the driver with the court documentation needed to lower his CSA score.  Having one of our legal plans is a WIN for the employer-employee, a WIN for the owner-operator, and a WIN for the FAMILY!

Many professional truck drivers log over a million miles in their career.  They know they are at risk for tickets EVERY SINGLE MILE.  Under these working conditions, doesn’t it just make sense to have access to affordable and quality legal protection?

Text me at 574.215.5505 to find out if you qualify for one of our specialty legal plans.  For about a $1 a day, you can protect your ability to make a living and continue to provide for your family. Please share this post with the trucker in your life!

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