Black Friday is only the Beginning

All OF US are susceptible to identity thieves ALL THE TIME. However, the threat of identity theft is HUGE between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The following is a list of some of the reasons we are more exposed during the holidays:BLACK FRIDAY

  • Influx of seasonal workers in retail stores (without background checks)
  • We use our credit cards more frequently
  • We may use a credit card we haven’t used in a while
  • We apply for retail store credit cards (to obtain the 10% or 20% discount)
  • We bargain shop on unfamiliar websites to get the best deal
  • We shop online more to avoid the crowds
  • We use unsecured internet connections while traveling
  • Crowded stores make it easier for a pickpocket to lift our wallet
  • We may misplace or lose our smart phone
  • We get and receive more mail through the US Postal Service

To protect yourself and your family, LegalShield offers 2 high quality identity theft protection plans that provide members immediate access to their credit report and credit score, and continuous monitoring and alerts. Both products provide comprehensive consultation and enhanced identity restoration from Kroll, Inc.  (Kroll is the world’s leading risk consulting firm with over 40 years of experience in security and risk mitigation.)

Don’t wait until your identity is stolen before you do something about it.  Seriously consider defending yourself, your spouse and your children with the most robust product on the market that helps to protect and monitor your identity.  Contact me to learn more information and to enroll today!

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