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Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America today.  Would you know what to do if it happened to you?  The 5 major types of identity theft involve:LS Kroll

  • Driver’s Licenses

Example- Getting pulled over for a minor traffic violation could result in your arrest if an identity thief’s unpaid tickets lead to a warrant issued under your name.

  • Social Security Numbers

Example- An identity thief gets a job under your SSN resulting in issues concerning unreported income.

  • Medical Information

Example- A doctor visit leads to the discovery of false information in your medical records or you may receive bills or collection calls for medical services never received.

  • Character/Criminal Actions

Example- Identity thieves may commit crimes using your personal information.  You could be arrested for crimes never committed, or a criminal history could surface on your employee background check.

  • Financial Transactions

Example- Bank or credit card accounts opened under your name without your knowledge could result in collection calls or impact your credit report and score to the point you are denied a loan.

LEGALSHIELD offers 2 high quality identity theft plans that provide members immediate access to their credit report and credit score, as well as to help members understand identity theft, as well as protect and restore their identities to pre-theft status.

What makes LegalShield’s identity theft plans unique and the best among its competitors is its Comprehensive Consultation and Enhanced Identity Restoration from Kroll, Inc.  Kroll is the world’s leading risk consulting firm with almost 40 years of experience in security and risk mitigation. Kroll will monitor your credit file and suspicious activity will be brought to your attention, providing you with early detection.

Unlike some of the other products available today, LegalShield’s identity theft plans do not provide a do-it-yourself kit that requires you to take time off work and away from your family to get this serious crime resolved.  If you are a victim of identity theft, Kroll will take immediate action to correct any damages caused by identity theft.  This includes, but is not limited to, placing alerts, disputing fraudulent accounts, providing available credit reports, and assisting with obtaining a police report.

Our identity theft plans can be conveniently bundled with a legal services plan, which gives you access to experienced attorneys who can advise you on legal issues that surface, including identity theft related legal issues, and so much more! Please contact me to learn more information.

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