Reasons to File A Tax Extension

Did you file a tax extension?  If so … Congratulations!  You gave yourself 6 more months to file, relieving the stress of trying to pull everything together by April 15.   Hopefully, you were able to enjoy Easter, maybe take a vacation over spring break, enjoy the winter months in Arizona or Florida.  But, now it’s time to get busy!tax extension date

Having the extra time allows you to gather all your tax documents, making sure you have corrected 1099′s and Schedule K-1s in your possession.  It also gives you time to sort through your cancelled checks, paid invoices and credit card statements for all possible tax deductions.

There is no penalty for filing a tax extension.  The IRS does not even require you to provide a particular reason for filing an extension –they automatically give it to you upon request!  However, if you need a reason to make yourself feel better, please feel free to use one of the following:

 1.  Filing a tax extension is super easy.

 2.  Some tax people say filing an extension decreases your odds of being audited.

 3.  You just moved into a new house and you haven’t unpacked yet.

 4.  You had a baby last year.

 5.  There aren’t enough hours in a day.

 6.  Your dog ate your tax papers.

 7.  You got married last year.

 8.  It’s a long story, but … what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

 9.  You received an inheritance last year.

10.  You have unresolved tax issues from previous years.

11.  You can’t find your W-2.

12.  Your birthday is in April.

13.  You want to wait until your CPA has more time and doesn’t have to rush.

14.  You don’t know what to do with that Form 1099.

15.  You were unemployed.

16.  This is your first time filing a tax return.

17.  You got divorced last year.

18.  You are in the military.

19.  You tried to do your own tax return — unsuccessfully.

20.  You just hate doing your taxes.

Waiting until after April 15th to make a tax appointment makes you a tax accountant’s favorite client of the day! And, to show you our gratitude, we will prepare your 2013 tax return for 50% less.  Half the price!

Bring us your already-prepared 2012 tax return (and a copy of your paid invoice) prepared by H&R Block, Liberty Tax Service, Jackson Hewitt, or even your local accountant and we will prepare your 2013 tax return for 50% less.  Half the price!  You could save hundreds of dollars while enjoying our quality services and the friendly staff at Kerezman CPA & Company, P.C.

We will also review your 2012 tax return for FREE!  Who knows?  We might even find a few missed deductions or missed credits in the process.

Just because you have until October 15 to file your personal income tax return doesn’t mean you need to wait until October to prepare your tax return.  Call our office to set up a time we can meet and discuss your personal tax situation.  We’d be glad to help!

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