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Refund Statute Expiring: Don’t Miss Out!

Article Highlights: The refund statute expires on April 15, 2014 for unfiled 2010 returns. Unfiled returns will lose out on refundable credits. Refunds may be offset by unpaid child support, past due student loans, and back taxes. If you have … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Scammed, They Are Very Clever

Article Highlights: Scammers disguise e-mails to look legitimate. Legitimate businesses and the IRS never request sensitive personal and financial information by e-mail. Don’t become a victim. Stop—Think—Delete You may think we harp a lot on protecting yourself against identity theft. … Continue reading

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How Much Would You Charge Me?

Let’s pretend you are my top rated attorney. Attorneys charge anywhere from $200 to over $400 per hour, but for simple sake let’s pretend that you charge $100 per hour for your services. I don’t want to pay your hourly … Continue reading

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Tax Breaks for Grandparents

Article Highlights: Head of household filing status Exemption deduction for the grandchild Earned income tax credit Child tax credit Childcare credit for certain working grandparents Grandchild education credits and deductions More and more individuals who thought their child-rearing days were … Continue reading

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Getting Hit With the Alternative Minimum Tax?

Article Hightlights: The alternative minimum tax, originally created to curb tax shelters and tax preferences of the wealthy, can now apply to the average taxpayer. 6 commonly encountered deductions routinely cause the average taxpayer to be hit by the AMT. … Continue reading

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